About Us

The Dangerous Goods Trainers Association, Inc. (DGTA) is a non-profit organization with a global membership that promotes and develops exceptional competencies in dangerous goods professionals and instructors worldwide. The DGTA membership achieves this through education, communication, networking and voluntary professional certification. DGTA’s ultimate goal is to enhance the safe transportation of dangerous goods through effective training and the development of highly competent dangerous goods professionals.

DGTA members have made valuable contributions to improving the safe transport of dangerous goods particularly in relation to enhancing the quality of dangerous goods training and professional development. Several members have participated in past sessions of the Joint Meeting and follow the work closely providing pertinent input to their respective competent authorities. Many of our members are certified Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors or Certified Dangerous Goods Professionals as well as holding other certifications related to dangerous goods transport. DGTA strives to enhance the knowledge and competencies of dangerous goods professionals and instructors. This in turn leads to enhanced compliance and safety.

DGTA members are dedicated to ensuring that the transportation community receives the highest quality of training and subscribe to the DGTA Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. This Code emphasizes the safety and security of people, property and the environment. It defines the obligations, professional conduct, and personal practices necessary to promote the highest standards within our professions. DGTA members hold paramount the safety and security of people, the protection of the environment and protection of property in the performance of professional duties; exercise their obligation to advise employers, clients, employees, the public, and appropriate authorities of danger and unacceptable risks to people, the environment, or property.

Value for DG Instructors

DGTA is dedicated to enhancing the role of Dangerous Goods Professionals and to provide a voice for the hundreds of qualified trainers around the world who perform this critical function.

Value for Companies Looking for Training

By using a DGTA Certified Instructor, entities can expect to receive training from a person who values a commitment to safety, quality training and their own professional growth. Better quality training improves the level of safety and the efficiency of all operations.