Looking for the Right Training

Appropriate training is one of the most important components that contributes to the safe transport of dangerous goods and the prevention of incidents that result in harm to the public and the environment.

Trainers must have subject matter expertise and be able to effectively communicate the critical components of the subject matter to their audience. A quality dangerous goods training program should thoroughly cover the current regulations and any impending regulatory changes.

When looking for a trainer, a company must ensure the training program being delivered is part of a systematic process that includes all the Instructional Technology components of adult learning principles. Application by the trainer of these principles, procedures, techniques, and philosophies is the most effective method of assisting participants in learning new information and competencies, or enhancing their knowledge of existing information and expanding their skills.

A systematic approach to training requires a training plan to ensure it is meeting the needs of the audience and is structured so as to be effective. There are four components that must be included in developing an effective training plan and these components must be documented to ensure quality and consistency.

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