DGTA was formed to provide a forum for dangerous goods trainers around the world and to sponsor a voluntary accredited certification program. In the beginning, under the auspices of NESHTA, DGTA used NESHTA’s voluntary accredited Certification in Instructional Technology (CIT) as the basis for creating the dangerous goods certification program. Eventually the DGTA /NESHTA partnership ended.

In December 2011, DGTA Inc. entered into an agreement with IHMM (Institute of Hazardous Materials Management) that would make it possible for people working in the dangerous goods field to enhance and profile their work by getting certified as either a Certified Dangerous Goods Professional (CDGP) or a Certified Dangerous Goods Trainer (CDGT).

In February of 2014 IHMM launched the credential, Certified Dangerous Goods Professional. Our partnership with IHMM enabled our vision of creating global standards for Dangerous Goods professionals. We believe this recognized standard is a necessary step in promoting and improving safety in the transportation and security of dangerous goods.

Many DGTA members have volunteered their time to serve on the IHMM Examination Scheme committees for these credentials to ensure valid certifications are available to recognize the qualified persons in our industry. This accredited certification program covers the following regulations that govern the transportation of dangerous goods:

  1. International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Technical Instructions
  2. International Maritime Organization (IMO) IMDG Code
  3. UN Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods – Model Regulations, 17th Edition.

For more information on the IHMM and the certifications the organization offers, go to their website at www.ihmm.org.